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Tip of the Day: Have a Stock Clearance

Who'd have thought you could get £10 for an old, mended pair of breeches? That's nearly a show-jumping round paid for!

Who’d have thought you could get £10 for an old, mended pair of breeches? That’s nearly a show-jumping round paid for!

Fair enough, you’re eventers so you’re probably broke enough to have twigged this one for yourselves but it’s surprising how much you can make by having a clear out. Being a bit strapped for cash myself recently I’ve taken stock of the things that I’ve bought for specific horses and no longer need. Because I have a few horses through my hands it’s tempting to hold onto things for ‘next time’ but this is equivalent to a business running with too much stock on the shelves. It ties up your money and slows down your cash flow. So the things I don’t immediately need have gone and if I need them again in the future it’s not the end of the world – I’ll buy similar again second hand. Those boots you bought that you rarely use because they tend to rub that horse? Sold. The nice new technical SJ jacket that gets picked over in favour of the tweed every time because it makes you look fat – yup, that’s gone too. Along with a 5-point breastplate that only ever fitted a horse I no longer have and a girth that’s brand new but too long for any horse I’m ever likely to own. That little haul alone freed up around £400.

My favourite places to sell things are, obviously, ebay (great if you need a quick sale and especially if it’s a branded item), the BD classifieds (free, you don’t have to be a member and lots of non-dressage stuff), Facebook local horsey stuff groups, Preloved and of course our very Classifieds section on the forum.

Time to free up some stock and get the cash flow flowing!


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