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Tip of the Day: (Sometimes) Hard-won XC tips, part 1.

WaterTrotPicThere is nothing wrong with trotting through water. If your horse lands in canter, great, but if you find yourself in trot when going through water, just push/hold the trot together and keep it that way all the way through.

Trying to pick up canter in water is not easy, and you might well get a sprawly unbalanced canter that the horse doesn’t feel it can jump from. I saw a friend have a stop at a fence in water at a CCI*, ruining their chances of a very good placing, when exactly that happened.
Twig2<< this is the offending fence, which jumped absolutely fine from trot, as you can see.

A horse can easily manage a big jump from a good trot. In my case (Savernake Advanced in 1999, to prove I’m not making this up!) it was two big steps up to a biggish flowerbed, without a problem!

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  • Totally agree, I was always taught to make the best of whatever you’ve got in front of the fence, and I have had horses drop to trot in front of some really meaty fences and jump them fine. It gives the horse more time to react appropriately (and lets face it most horses can jump 3ft9/4ft from trot!)

  • As above; I think most people think canter is essential but most normal healthy horses can ping 4ft from a trot…just watch one jumping out of a field – they usually do it in trot. It feels more comfortable for the rider to jump from canter!