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Sweet Itch… vanquished by Z-itch?

Screen shot 2013-07-05 at 11.08.16My mare Daisy has suffered from medium-grade sweet itch for a few years, scrubbing her tail & mane if I don’t keep right on top of it, and having an itchy and sore/bitten/bleeding line down the middle of her tummy if I’m not very careful to keep applying various lotions and potions every day or two. Living in the Fens, there are drainage dykes all around, perfect breeding ground for midges.

She usually lives out 24/7 in a Rambo Sweet Itch Hoodie, with very frequent applications of various repellent & healing lotions and potions to mane, tail, face and tummy. This year I tried Trilanco’s Z-itch on her…

I obeyed the instructions, doing weekly applications, being pretty sparing (which is encouraged by the bottle, which has a small measure built in), using gloves and a sponge.

All seemed fine, no tail scrubbing at all, no soreness or bleeding/scabs along her tummy. She was still living in the Rambo Sweetitch Hoodie, just in case, or a LW turnout when it got really cold and wet (what summer?!)

Then 2 weeks ago she somehow managed to break one front clip of the Hoodie. I repaired it, using a vice, a hammer and lots of swearing (to force the swivel base part of the clip back into the metal holder.) The next day she’d broken that one again. The single clip left lasted 1 night on its own and she somehow broke that too… luckily on a night when she had another rug over the top to hold it all in place!

I thought I’d take a chance and reapply the Z-itch, and leave the Sweet Itch Hoodie off… being ready to throw it back on at the first sign of scratching.

Two weeks on, I have a horse who is happily living out there ‘naked’ with the sun on her back, and NO scratching at all! I am amazed and delighted.

So, although it’s quite expensive, I would hugely recommend that anyone with a sweet-itchy horse should try this, it is miraculously effective.

Happy Daisy, happy me. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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  • From their website:

    Active Ingredient:
    Permethrin 40mg/ml (cis:trans 80:20)

    Dosage & Administration:

    Z-itch is a ready-to-use, pour-on solution which should be administered at the rate of 4mg/kg
    body weight, equivalent to 1.0ml per 10kg bodyweight to a maximum
    of 40ml.