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Tip of the Day: Know Your Horse’s ‘Normal’

Wonder II ridden by Sophie Callard does his best Superman impression

When your horse feels this well is the time to get a handle on what’s normal for him!

When your horse is jumping out of his skin and feeling incredibly well, now is the time to take bloods – then you have a baseline of what is normal for your horse when he’s performing his best to compare against if there’s ever a time he’s feeling below par. Because all of the normal ranges are just that, ranges, you need to know what’s normal for your horse to know whether something which is borderline high or low is an issue, or just him. On that note, taking their temperature when they are well and happy, and at different times of the year, will help you know whether a slight change is an issue, or normal for them.

The same goes for legs, feet and pulses – I had a horse whose digital pulses were visible in hot weather. Alarming, if you didn’t know that was normal for him.

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