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Tips From The Top: Malcolm Pyrah

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photo of Vittoria Pannizon and Borough Pennyz by Katie Mortimore.

I was lucky enough to be taught by SJ legend Malcolm Pyrah recently, and some of his words have really stuck with me:

Ride the horse you’re on” (not how it used to be – if you’ve produced the horse or ridden it for a long time, it is very easy to concentrate on it used to be, instead of seeing it with fresh eyes and riding it as it is now!)

Ignore the horse, jump the fence!!!” (When I circled away to get a better canter after mucking up a turn to a fence and losing the shoulders) This meant ‘GET ON WITH IT’ basically! Get your leg on and ride to the fence. The fence was small enough to have ridden to from the canter and we’d both have learnt something!)


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