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New Ifor Williams Eventa Trailer


Its not often I am really blown away by something but the new Ifor Williams Eventa trailer which I saw at YHL was pretty awesome. As a post 1997 licence holder I went through the pain of getting my trailer licence and if I was to even look at one day getting a lorry then I would need to find the £1000 to go and do my HGV licence (no point in my eyes doing the LGV) before even purchasing the lorry.

I find myself dreaming of doing more stay away events and maybe next year that will become a reality but it will either be with a lovely friend who has a lorry or with my tent (which I try to avoid apart from In good weather!).

We have all seen the Equitreks on the market for a while, but its great to see a company like Ifor Williams doing one as well.

 Picture3There are three levels of finish: Bronze, Silver and Gold. With Bronze comes seating for three, sleeping accommodation for two, a sink and plenty of storage space. The Silver finish adds a gas cooking hob. The Gold finish adds on-board 12v electrics, 50 litre water tank and a 12v electric water pump. The 12v electrics means you can add a host of additional options including electric fridge, hot water, TV and electrical flush toilet; it really is a home from home. As a further option the trailer can be supplied with no fit-out to the living area allowing you to customise this area yourself which is a pretty useful option for those with a handy other half!

The Eventa comes in two sizes. The Eventa M is suitable for 2 horses whilst the Eventa L is suitable for 2/3 horses/ponies dependant on weight. Moving away from traditional trailers the partitions for the horses are at a herringbone angle – widely used on horsebox lorries.

The things I loved when looking round are the little touches like the tack lockers to the side, and in the additional storage space with easy to Picture2access gas bottle.

Now you are wondering what this weighs! When I asked at Your Horse Live they told me it weighs about 1800kg which means you can still get your two horses up plus stuff but it needs to be towed by a vehicle capable of towing 3.5t. Vehicles I can think of off the top of my head are Nissan Patrol, Toyota Landcruiser, Landrover Defender and Landrover Discovery.

The next question is that of cost. The absolute basic trailer (based on the Eventa M) with no fittings is £7880. For the bronze version it is £11,085 which has living but no gas hob but realistically there are £905 worth of extras I would probably want to attach including additional windows, saddle racks, rug racks and extra storage locker. For the all singing and all dancing gold version you are looking at £15,363 but that would include fridge, gas hob, electrics, heating, horse camera, porta loo and hot water.

Picture4Ifor Williams spent 5 years in the development of this trailer and if it lasts as long my current 510 which is over 20 years old then I guess its a good long term investment. The one thing which still puts me off these trailers is the size of them. They are large. I think my Landrover Defender 90 would look tiny pulling one of these and I worry at the best of times towing down the motorway (having had two tyre blowouts in 2012) so I would want to see how it towed. I accept that it would use additional fuel to my current Ifor 510 but I guess you do not have any of the hassle of MOT or Plating which you get with a lorry. I would certainly like to trial one *hint, hint!*

For more information www.iwt.co.uk

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An amateur rider who produces all her own horses. I have competed at novice level and sadly never got further due to bad luck with horses but I am still ambitious to achieve a lot more. I have a riding qualification in UKCC2 and a diploma in NLP. Sports science and particularly the mental game fascinates me. For a day job I work for a large multinational brand.


  • My partner is currently in discussion with DVLA as he has been told that it is only legal to tow the kerbweight of the towing vehicle. EG we have a landcruiser which says it can tow 3.5 tons but the kerbweight is actually only about 2.5 tons. So there would be a big issue with one of these trailers and is something the DVLA really needs to clarify as no-one wants to be caught towing illegally

  • If you only have category B entitlement on your licence the fully loaded trailer can’t weigh more than the unladen towing vehicle and the maximum combined weight (car + trailer) must be below 3500kg.
    If you have B+E on your license you can then drive a category B vehicle (a car) with a trailer when they have a combined weight “over” 3500kg. With this you can tow a trailer up to the towing vehicles maximum plated towing weight, which can be up to 3500kg trailer weight.
    So if you only have B entitlement on your licence you need to pass the trailer test to tow 3500kg trailers. And if your maximum towing weight on your car is only 2700kg you need a bigger car.

  • The Demonstrator Eventa M is actually at our premises for the next fortnight. It is an awesome trailer and there has been a fantastic response from customers. It is a great opportunity to be see it in the flesh

    We are having an open day on Saturday 14th December 10.00 – 2.00 for anyone who wishes to see it and discuss what options are available. There will be complimentary wine, beer, burgers etc so why not come and see us.

    Map and directions can be found on our website http://www.barlowtrailers.co.uk/Barlow_Trailers_Map_and_Directions

  • Saw this at Windsor and it looks awful. Like an old 1960s caravan I saw once in Father Ted. I usually like Ifor but whoever “designed” this should be fired.