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B.E. Fence Diagrams confusion – cleared?

Screen shot 2014-03-18 at 10.29.08Anyone who had a good look at the diagrams in this year’s B.E. Rulebook might have been left scratching their heads.
The revised diagrams are to keep B.E. in line with the F.E.I.’s rules, as it wasn’t considered fair to ask Fence Judges to judge, say, F.E.I. rules for a CIC, and then BE rules for a National class, which might affect the same fences on the same day, and could lead to much confusion.
Picture number 26 in particular seems very strange… 20 penalties even though you haven’t crossed your tracks?!
This was raised at a recent BE meeting and the feedback was as follows:

Nobody is trying to catch out Riders or Fence Judges. It is hoped that Course Designers will avoid this situation as much as possible, either by, if necessary, changing the angle of part b, so the angle is clearer, and it would be more obvious if you were going to incur 20 penalties, or otherwise by numbering the fences separately.
There is probably a missing direct route in the diagram, an alternative b. part (in a straight line after a., i.e. towards the top left of the square). Why it isn’t in the diagram we have no idea!
We hope that makes things a bit clearer.

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