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Being Ready for the Level

One thing I often see is riders not having a clear understanding of what is required for the next level. I read a Jimmy Wofford piece recently which had everything laid out in detail about what level of rider you were but I decided it was very constrictive and I would tick some boxes in some areas and not in others.

It got me thinking about the lack of information out there about what is required for each level and how you begin to start preparing for it. I have produced a grid which gives a rough guide to each level and the minimum you should look at doing in order to be ready for it.

There really is no substitute for confidence.  A good trainer will be a far better guide to the levels than a stranger can write in a table but hopefully it will provoke some thoughts, maybe some debate and give riders a rough guide in what needs to be established at each level.

Click on the link below to see the table which has been done for BE80 – Novice level.


About the author


An amateur rider who produces all her own horses. I have competed at novice level and sadly never got further due to bad luck with horses but I am still ambitious to achieve a lot more. I have a riding qualification in UKCC2 and a diploma in NLP. Sports science and particularly the mental game fascinates me. For a day job I work for a large multinational brand.