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Equidgel – an update, and sample giveaway.

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 16.39.35At BETA, we saw a brand new product on the feed market, and I was inspired to order some for my mare Daisy, who, although she has ‘scoped completely clear for ulcers, and has a no-grain diet, was still being bitey and angry about having her girth done up.
The difference in her on Equidgel has been amazing (see my previous report) and her field companions got a taste of it, because I tried them all on a little bit of it as a test of palatability, and then they started trying to sneak up and steal her food (unheard of, as she’s the lead mare and always gets fed first, and they were leaving their own feeds!) So, it’s very definitely a big Thumbs Up from all the mares at my place.

I ran out of stock between batches being manufactured (they are not making it continuously yet, but to order) and within 2 days Daisy had gone back to being bitey and snapping her ears back when I go to girth her up. This is with a Fairfax girth, the comfiest on the market, I spare no expense in trying to keep this mare comfortable and happy! Then, bacck onto Equidgel, back to having a comfortable, non-scowly horse…

While I choose to feed it in every feed, it’s a great thing to have at events too, for horses which won’t drink through the day. It is very palatable and always accepted, especially when mixed with a tiny bit of the horse’s other feeds. Although be warned, you’ll need a spare cloth and towel to clean up the mess, they eat it like a very happy pig with its snout in a trough!
Below is a link to a document explaining about Sandra Murphy, developer of Equidgel, travelling to Singapore recently to show horsepeople out there the benefits of the product, and how it went down there. Of course in such a hot country, hydration is vitally important.

New Product is a hit in the Far East

We have two small sample packs of Equidgel to send to the first two people out of the hat, by noon on Monday 5 May, who would like to try it for their horse. Please email ask@e-venting.co.uk heading your email “Equidgel Sample”, and including your name and address.

If you have any further questions about this product, you can contact Sandra direct on the Facebook page. If you would like to place an order, contact details are on the front page of the website, which is still under construction.

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  • Very interesting…..how much do you feed daily?, & out of interest, do you feed her hay or haylage?

    • I feed about 3/4 of a round scoop (standard Stubbs one) twice a day, with a bit of Fast Fibre, HiFi Molasses Free, and Readigrass on top, and a bit of balancer. A scoop of Equidgel absorbs over 2 scoops of water, so the feed is very hydrating.
      I only ever feed hay, I actively avoid feeding haylage.
      Hope that helps. 🙂