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Rolex: Dressage Day 2

Due to technical issues with my laptop during the past two days, (and the fact I spilled water on my external mouse, the one that I heavily depend upon), I could not post updates. Boo!

E-Venting will have a photo gallery of all Rolex weekend photos that will be uploaded to their Facebook page here in a few days. You will definitely need to stay in tuned for that because I  have some spectacular photos to share!


Here we go with a very brief report on Friday’s Dressage.

Rolex Kentucky – Dressage Day 2, Friday April 25th. 

2014 A Springer with Arthur-2899

Allison Springer on Arthur. Leaders after Friday’s Dressage test at the Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event 2014.

Needless to say the weather was much less to be desired. It was cold, rainy and windy for most of the time with the wind blowing straight through you. Once in a while the sun graced us with its presence.

Pretty challenging for everyone on Friday, however, there still was a pretty decent public turnout for the Dressage test. The riders, both ladies and gents alike, look so professional and handsome in their crisp tail-coats, top-hats, shiny boots and white breeches.

Allison Springer and Arthur rode an impeccable test to snag the top spot with a score of 39.5.  Upon the conclusion of their test, the entire stadium erupted in a loud roar of cheers which normally in the past would have sent Arthur skyrocketing. This time he just took a bit of a step, looked at the stands and you could almost hear him say “Wow, is all that for me?!”

William Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero rode their test very well and he was in the lead with a 44.0 prior to Allison and Arthur swinging in to pick up the lead later on.

Also another respectable test was rode by Lauren Keiffer and Veronica they landed up in third with a score of 46.7. This is Lauren’s 2nd ever Kentucky Rolex, and what an accomplishment for her!

You can find out more about the current standings here: www.rk3de.com and other current stories here: www.eventingnation.com


Interview with Robert Meyerhoff – Friday’s Dressage Test

As many Rolex Eventers stay on site at the Kentucky Horse Park, it is always a privilege to be able hang out and interview a Rolex Rider in a personal and private setting. Robert invited us to his campsite on Friday to catch up with him about his Dressage test. With his easygoing persona to be around, how could we not accept!

2014 B Meyerhoff Token-2197

Robert Meyerhoff on Dunlavin’s Token. At Dressage Test Rolex Kentucky 3-Day Event 2014.

“So Robert, how did you feel about your Dressage test today?”

“I am generally happy with the ride and that Token had no major explosions. He had a better reaction to the crowd / stands than what I was expecting, so that is pretty good.”

He continued, “I rode the test conservative on purpose which may have resulted in the marks we received.  Our score was hurt by the 1st flying two lead changes, and we missed two flying lead changes. We also had an extra lead change on the center line. Our lack of quality in the canter work also affected our score.”

Right into the first few minutes of the test, a gust of wind caught Roberts’ hat and sent it tumbling right to the edge of the ring… right in path of his dressage test.  He was not pleased. “I was rather upset about losing my top hat during the first part of the ride.”

I did witness Token taking a slight  “look-see” at the top hat laying in the sand as he passed by it later on in the test. Thankfully he wasn’t fussed and finished his dressage test without reaction, (and no, he didn’t step on the hat! )  At the end of the test a kind ring steward fetched it and returned it to Robert.

All in all, I feel that Robert remains quite positive at their Rolex debut this weekend here at the Kentucky Horse Park and we look forward to hearing about his ride and his thoughts about the course on Saturday!

Until then. Leg on!


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