Badminton Everything Else

And another #MMBHT video… ultra-slow-motion action.

Our friends at Centaur Biomechanics have been out there with their 300-frames a second camera again, catching top horses and riders in action round the biggest course in the world, in the most testing conditions for a long time.

Here is the video. It’s an absolute treat, amazing footage, not to be missed. It should make us admire and appreciate our equine partners even more. What phenomenal athletes they are.

Featured riders: Andrew Heffernan, Clare Lewis, Peter Atkins, Pascal Leroy, Viktoria Carlerback, Kai-Steffen Meier, Harry Meade, Michael Owen, Giovanni Ugolotti, Natalie Blundell, Sophie Jenman, Paul Tapner, Carolyn Ryan-Bell, ?, Wendy Schaeffer, Kristina Cook, ?, Merel Blom, Louisa Milne Home, Jim Newsam, Nick Gauntlett, Clare Abbott, Lucy Jackson, Austin O’Connor.

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