Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials Trot Up

5Q9A8228After yesterday’s cross country only 32 of the 35 horses that completed presented for this morning’s trot up following withdrawals by Kai-Steffen Meier, Emma Dougall and Nicola Wilson.

The majority of the horses looked almost surprisingly well and fresh and Euro Prince (Nick Gauntlett), Kilronan (Paul Tapner), TS Jamaimo (Chris Burton) and Johnny Cash (Johan Lundin) all looked particularly well and ready to even go XC again!

Only one horse Koyuna Sun Dancer (Wendy Schaeffer) was sent to the hold box looking slightly uneven but was passed on re-inspection.

The lower placed riders will commence SJ very shortly before the top 20 jump later this afternoon.

5Q9A8148In terms of outfits we must say we were pleased to see Ludwig’s bow tie had made an appearance today and for that alone he gets our vote for best dressed although Paul Tapner gets credit for red socks to match his red tie. Colour co-ordinator extraordinare!

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