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Tried & Tested – Equimins hoof moisturiser hoof-moisturising-gel-black-My horse has always suffered with dry brittle feet in the summer so she was the ideal candidate to test Equimins new hoof moisturiser on. The product is a gel based cream rather than an oil and is applied either by a brush or rag from the tub. Personally my applicator of choice is an offcut of a bandage pad that was lying around. Nothing like recyling! The tub I had was black tinted but was fine to try on my horse with 3.25 black feet!

Salvatierra You have to make sure the hooves are clean and dry before application which for me equals a quick scrub with the hose and a brush when brought in/returned from riding and then grooming/untacking before I applied the gel. It was easy to see when I had not applied the gel for a few days or the weather had been particularly hot and dry as the gel was absorbed very quickly by the hoof whereas it took longer on other days. I must say it was reassuring to see the difference. In terms of her hoof quality I considered leaving one hoof untreated as a control test but soon thought better of it for obvious reasons! But I can confidently say her hooves are notably less brittle this year than in previous years. You may not be able to see a vast difference between the photos as I started using the gel before the weather really started drying out but I am confident that they are significantly improved on previous years and the only management change including feed changes is the gel.


Before. On the first day of use.

My only negative comment regarding the product is that the substance to create the black tint actually ends up leaving a slight reddish tinge on the white sections of her feet. This is not really an actual issue because most people with white or stripey hoofed horses would probably choose the neutral shade cream version anyway. To be fair even if you do use the black on non black feet the red tint is barely noticeable unless your looking for it but those who are rather OCD about their horse’s appearance may want to avoid. Me though I will keep happily using it and when freshly applied gives a similar finish to standard hoof oil so suitable for use at events.


After also showing the red tint!

The pot itself lasts for ages when applying to one horse. I have been using it for about 6 weeks and would say I’m halfway to two thirds through the pot despite applying it very liberally. A pot retails at just over £5 which if it saves just one shoe coming off prematurely (never mind the significant long term benefits of better hoof quality) it actually saves you money overall which is always a good thing!

I will be continuing to slaver the cream on daily and reap the benefits of a horse with healthier and stronger feet.


If you wish to purchase the gel you can do so from Equimins website

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  • Good review, I like Equimins stuff (their aloe-vera and tea-tree udder cream is my go to healing cream for small stuff). For hooves I tend to be penny-pincher and just buy the 1 pound aqueous cream tubs in discount stores. Fab hoof moisturiser to counteract summer brittleness for me.