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Tip of the Day: Straightness Training (Staying Off The Outside Track)

semplice Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 21.57.42Sometimes it’s a good idea to spend a whole schooling session staying off the outside track, say a metre or so inside it. Young horses in particular habitually pull themselves towards the fence/track (even on an arena like mine where the fence is set well back from the edges of the surface), and riding the horse truly straight from legs to hands is a habit it is easy to slacken about, if you keep going round the outside track and allowing the mental/physical barrier to do the work of your outside leg in particular!
This photo was taken after a short schooling session last week. It’s not perfect but it’s a work in progress, there are no hoofprints close to the sleepers, and it was good practice for us both. You can see also the curve of the 20m circle I was doing at the far end, with the hoofprints going further to the right and touching the track.
Starting by doing a FWLR  two metres in from the track, all the way round, is a good idea. It’s amazing how easy it is for horses to automatically edge themselves towards the outside track.

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