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Tried & Tested – Toggi Ladies Laredo Breeches

Toggi Laredo Breeches

Toggi Laredo Breeches

I was on the hunt for some new breeches for wearing at the yard so I jumped at the chance to try Toggis denim Laredo breeches when offered.

I have issues finding breeches that fit mainly around my calf muscles so they were going to get suitably challenged! Some of my more recent purchases for yard wear have been pretty disastrous and include one pair tearing at the knee after only a few wears as they were too tight round the lower leg and another pair lasting only one wear before splitting embarrassingly at the crotch due to poor quality stitching. Both brands will remain unnamed but I will not be purchasing either again!

On first look on arrival I was impressed at the quality. They are full seated in a complementary blue to the main denim and although denim coloured the material is stretchy and well fitting and of a good weight so a good year round thickness. Sizing wise I had requested a size 12 equivalent as I’m a 10/12 so was surprised to see a pair of 30s turn up as normally breeches have their own random sizing guide whereby a 28 is a 12. Turns out Toggi (rightly) follow conventional clothing sizing so a 28 is a 10, 30 a 12 and 32 a 14 so keep this in mind when ordering!

The fit for me is great, easily pulled on whilst changing in the car at the yard but without feeling loose or too big. Although they are not high waist they are high enough not to allow the embarrassing ‘builders bum’ when you lean forward which so many modern breeches seem to do. Most seem designed for skinny teenagers with no rear end, Toggi breeches thankfully are designed for ‘real’ people who have a higher than 0% body fat percentage and who no matter how much they wish they could will never be supermodel material! The breeches also have decent belt loops so I can wear my thick polo belt with them as an extra precaution to prevent embarrassing situations.

The breeches do up happily round the base of my calf and don’t cut off my circulation. Due to my long legs and big calves most breeches with velcro fastenings at the calf are normally left gaping open with the ends not even coming close to reaching so this is a win for the Toggi breeches. Those with short legs may find them slightly on the longer side but I wouldn’t say they are any longer than standard.

Possibly the biggest ‘win’ for these breeches though is the pockets. In addition to two large jean style pockets they have a discreet zipped mobile pocket and not just any little pocket which could barely fit a 5yo mini Nokia but a whacking great big one that can fit an iPhone 6 in with space to spare! Not only does it fit but because there is room to adjust the angle your phone sits at you can make sure it is comfortably positioned when riding as well.

I have been wearing these breeches pretty much most days since I received them 2 months ago with them of course being regularly chucked in for a quick wash normally drying overnight in the tumble dryer at low heat in between but yet they still look like new. There is no noticeable wear to the stitching or the seat and no stretching to the knees which is normally the first sign of wear for me.

I can’t help but recommend the breeches and struggle to find a negative. It would be nice if Toggi join the growing trend for stretchy panels around the calf rather than the traditional velcro fastening but they are correctly designed to actually fit and do up round the calf so this can’t be described as a fault.

Retailing at approximately £60 they are available from all good Toggi stockists.


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