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Attending the International Eventing Forum at Hartpury – A Few Tips!

DSC_0594We all try to go to the IEF every year, as it’s always a great opportunity to pick up loads of top training ideas from the very best.
Here are our top tips, as seasoned veterans:
Wear lots of layers, and possibly thermals. Hartpury has the benefit of huge ceiling heaters aimed at the spectator gallery BUT they don’t always turn them on, for some reason! So, cosy layers, a scarf, and a wooly hat may not go amiss. But, try not to be too bulky if possible, as the chairs are close together and it’s sold out, so it will be packed!
Talking of which, take a packed lunch and a thermos flask if you can. There’s room to stow a bag under every seat. The queues for refreshments are always long, and the restaurant gets very busy. They do a wide selection of food and drinks though, and have nice coffee machines and so on, if you don’t mind queueing.
If you are prone to back problems or sciatica, think about taking a cushion to sit on! Those plastic chairs are pretty hard and sitting on them for many hours, rivetted, means paying the price the next day/week (says the voice of painful experience.)
Take a few notepads and reliable pens… you will probably want to make reams of notes.
Try to leave earlier than you planned, especially if there is any chance at all of flooding in the area. If there is, they sometimes have to shut the A417 at Maisemore because the river bursts its banks. This happened last year, iirc, leading to long diversions for some attendees who were approaching from Gloucester direction. Getting there nice and early, grabbing a coffee and having time to chat to people is not a terrible idea! You’re bound to see loads of familiar faces.
This is the first year it has totally sold out, so if you haven’t got a ticket yet, try to grab one of the returned ones (contact the IEF direct – Dora on 07876 758979) because you won’t get one on the door, unfortunately!
Looking forward to seeing everyone there… the e-Venting crew are going to be out in force, please come up and say Hi if you see us. ๐Ÿ™‚
For those who aren’t attending, we will of course be Tweeting from there (as long as we can get a signal!), taking copious notes and videos and photos… full reports to follow so nobody needs to miss out. ๐Ÿ™‚


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