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Tip of the Day: Check your breeches – how symmetrically are you sitting?

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 10.16.57In my eternal quest to become a better rider who is easier for my horses to carry, I’ll use just about any tool I can find.

This is a picture of a particularly well-used pair of brown Pikeurs, the day I decided that they had done their time and were being ‘retired’ to the local fabric recycling bin. They had stood up to about 12-13 years of use so I think they’d more than proved their worth and  justified their price tag!
The good thing is that they clearly showed the wear pattern and that I am weighting my seat bones pretty evenly, I think. (The fabric was almost worn through, only the thin mesh remained.)

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at 10.10.22

Very uneven wear on breeches. Relax, it’s a show-jumper!

In contrast, this pair of white breeches shows pretty uneven wear.
Of course the angle is slightly different, the person who took the photo didn’t ask to see the seat bone area (thank goodness!) but the inner thigh area has picked up a totally different amount of colour from the saddle on the right compared to the left, and the top area is marked totally differently on each side too. I suspect a biomechanics coach might have fun with him.

It’s worth checking your breeches for signs of wear as they are a great indicator of exactly how you are sitting, however it might feel!

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