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A Great Little Idea for Running Through Your Dressage Tests.

Screen shot 2015-05-17 at 20.45.29Here’s a great idea that would be a perfect present, or a little treat for yourself. A friend shared it on Facebook and I followed the link immediately.
Anna Rohr of Rohr Designs (just click on the highlighted name to go to her page) came up with this idea: a mini Dressage Arena keyring, made in aluminium (with the letters hand-engraved by her), so that you can run through dressage tests in your head just about anywhere.
This is definitely an improvement on my usual letters-scrawled-on-a-post-it-note effort, which is never quite the right proportions. I run through tests repeatedly in my head in the week before a competition, so that they just flow automatically and I can concentrate on how the horse feels and not on where I need to go next, so these will be really helpful.
The short arena is £8 + p&p and the long arena is £9 + p&p.  I suspect that she is going to be inundated with orders!


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