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Gabriela Rose: A Badminton Shopping Village Hidden Gem

I find it all too easy at Badminton to get caught up in the trade stands by either fantasy shopping (saddles, horseboxes, stables, hot tub, made to measure boots – my list is endless and would require multiple lottery wins to fulfil), or by sharking through the stands looking for the best deals on the things my horse needs*.

I tend to forget to look through the non-horsey tradestands entirely some years, and in fact it was only because we were killing time after the dressage today that I even went into the Rural Crafts tent.

The beautiful Halkin jacket and wrap with Birds of Paradise silk lining.

The beautiful Halkin jacket and wrap with Birds of Paradise silk lining.

And it was there that I found it. My 2015 Badminton Shopping Village Hidden Gem. Tucked away between people selling greetings cards, hand cream and more furry headwear than even the most committed young rider would know what to do with, is Gabriela Rose.

These beautiful tweed and silk creations take Yorkshire tweed, team them with to die for patterned silk, and put a contemporary twist on traditional jackets and wraps. She only makes ten of each design, so you won’t find yourself sporting an identikit ‘Badminton Uniform’.

For me, the jackets are the stand out item. It’s fair to say they qualify as an investment piece, but they are beautifully tailored in London, and will stand the test of time. I’ve spent a very long time trying on fitted jackets to find something which will tide me over from work meetings to evenings out, and had failed miserably. Once I’d tried on the Halkin jacket, and had it teamed with the matching silk scarf, it’s fair to say I was sold. I still don’t really know how it happened. A bit like trying a horse and knowing you have to buy it, I knew I had to have this jacket. And the scarf, obviously. I drew the line at the wrap, but I have a feeling it may find its way onto my birthday wish list…

*Note – my husband seems to think all a horse “needs” is food, shelter and regular foot care. I like to disabuse him of this notion by the regular influx of various horsey “essentials”.

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  • I had a similar experience at the CLA Game Fair, Blenheim last summer. I arrived on the hottest day of the year, slightly the worse for wear after a partying the night before, the Gabriela Rose stand stood out. The unique wraps caught my eye. No sooner had I indicated my interest Gabriela, herself so charming, styled my chosen wrap on me, which totally transformed the way I looked and felt. Naturally I thought if this fashion accessory could work wonders and make me look good on a day I felt challenged in the looks department then it was a must buy. Every time I wear it I am complimented on it. I am looking forward to Gabriela’s new collection of capes, skirts and trousers, which may be ready for her next event Primrose Hill, London or Suffolk Show Ipswich.