The Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials – The 2nd Trot Up

_Q9A9219All the horses looked fantastic this morning, some obviously absolutely raring to go and towing their riders down the trot-up lane, to the crowd’s amusement. While some riders opted for a very slow and steady jog, particularly Oliver Townend with Dromgurrihy Blue (who looked as if he had only just been untacked) and Lynn Symansky (who, on being told to go again, was instructed “Go with him… RUN” by the Ground Jury!) most elected for a stronger trot, proving their sprinting abilities, and some horses found this very exciting. The Barkers’ lovely campaigner Kilronan looked fantastic and keen, and got the biggest clap from the crowd, earning much laughter at his clear enthusiasm.

The crowd was again asked to be quiet for Emily Lochore’s Hexmaley’s Hayday, who looked fantastic and trotted up very keenly in the total silence.

_Q9A9271Warren Lamperd’s Silvia was positively glowing white, and her groom Susanna Alamando deservedly won the Best Groom Award. Runner-up was Leonidas II’s groom Khia Cadney-Moon.
Tim Price’s Ringwood Sky Boy’s farrier won the Best Shod Award.

Pippa Funnell sadly withdrew Redesigned from the Holding Box, and both Lets Dance (Jeanette Brakewell) and The Lion (Matthew Heath) were spun after being sent to the Holding Box and represented. Neither looked right: The Lion always moves oddly but was not moving the same as he did on Wednesday, and Lets Dance looked and sounded unlevel in front, to me.

_Q9A9359Our e-Venting blogger Charlotte Brear had a nice little chat with the Ground Jury as she kissed Manor Missile on the nose before trotting him up. He looked amazing, fit and well, totally sound and up for more. We are all crossing absolutely everything for a great round for them today.


_Q9A9076Best Dressed:

For the gentlemen:

It’s a tie between Chris Burton, in a sharp dark suit, purple shirt and wide cream tie, and Paul Tapner, in jeans, very nice pointy shoes, trademark red belt and even red laces on his shoes (it’s that kind of attention to detail that we love) and his beautifully fitted Timothy Foxx blue tweed waistcoat and jacket.

For the ladies:

My Best Dressed was Georgie Strang, who wore an utterly beautiful (and very covetable!) Holland Cooper cape and white jeans, and very smart boots.
Runner Up: Tina Cook, in a lovely fitted jacket, dark brown jeans and boots, with her hair neatly tied back, showing everyone how to really run with a horse.
Honourable mentions to:
_Q9A9191Hannah Bate in a long fitted navy coat, headband, taupe jeans, smart boots and a green silk stock.
Georgie Spence in a stunning red fitted long tweed, skirt, and big white bow on her shirt.
Kerry Varley in a mint green wrap, green check headband , white jeans – very neat and coordinated. She also proved that she can sprint like a Pro and earnt a big clap.

Jodie Amos – Lovely fitted tweed jacket with jeans, very neat and precise.
_Q9A9064Abi Boulton – tiny tweed jacket, skirt, brown patterned tights, and a fascinator.
Charlotte Agnew, who wore attention-grabbing shiny black trousers (the jury is out on whether they were leather or PVC.)

Michael Jung is very lame so someone else, a glamorous looking lady (a groom?) in a lovely cape, trotted up La Biosthetique Sam FBW, who looked great.









Ringwood Skyboy’s farrier


2nd place – Leonidas II’s groom, Khia Cadney-Moon

1st – Silvia’s groom, . A truly white horse, who was totally immaculate.

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