Playing With The Big Boys

Playing With The Big Boys

Today is the day eventers all over the country have been waiting the last few months for….. The 2016 BE calender is out! All the online forums, Facebook pages etc are full of people discussing their plans for next season. I find it really interesting how different people work: some people have already planned their season, booked the stables and arranged time off work, whilst others refuse to even look at the calendar in fear of their horse knowing of the upcoming hard work and they then decide to injure themselves!! I can see both sides of the argument, I am quite superstitious (don’t like changing equipment/clothing/routine) but my love of organisation trumps my superstition!! I love organising where we are going, booking stables and have to know what’s going on when. Next season is slightly different as I am not sure whether we will get in a certain event, so I am going to make a rough plan and try and restrain myself from organising everything!


Siren in his winter woolies!

Siren is looking rather different to the last blog I wrote just after Burghley. He has embraced his shire breeding and become fat and hairy! This year he seems to have come out of his holiday full of himself and it seems to have done him the world of good. He’s eating really well, feet look to have benefited from a break and he is being extremely cheeky and mischievous. Tomorrow he is having his hair cut off and Saturday is our first ride. I am very excited and am hoping he will be on his best behaviour.

Another observation I have made over the last few weeks is the number of people asking for advice about how to get a sponsor. Eventing is extremely expensive, we all know yet we all continue to do it. The reason we all do it is for the love of eventing! But yes, (to quote a well known supermarket) every little does help. Personally I have only recently started to receive serious sponsorship. My first few sponsors were all friends before anything else, who I then convinced they should sponsor/support! Actually, thinking about it, all of my ‘sponsors’ were friends before sponsors! The main reason I initially wanted a sponsor was so I could ‘fit in’ and have a numnah with a companies logo on it!!

Unfortunately there are a lot more people looking for that elusive sponsorship deal than there are companies looking for a rider to sponsor. But we (speaking as an amateur who events for enjoyment) all know, with or without it, we will all continue to event. I am now lucky enough to have a few amazing sponsors, all of which I would use/work with regardless of the sponsorship. I think it is essential that you believe in the company that are supporting you: they are allowing you to be linked to their company so you really must do everything you can for them. With big plans for Super Si next year I’m hoping I will manage to find a bit more sponsorship before then – either that or a lottery win would be beneficial! Enjoy planning next season and speak soon, Charlotte and Super Si

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