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Siren enjoying the sunshine

I’m writing this blog whilst sat on a train, heading up to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the weekend. When I planned this weekend (a rare non horsey weekend away!) at Christmas last year, I hadn’t quite planned on it being quite so close to Burghley. But actually it has worked quite well, Siren is at the swimming pool for a few days work, whilst giving his legs a well deserved break. He has been working extremely hard recently and a few days R & R will do him the world of good.


On the way into the pool

On the subject of Burghley . . . where has the time gone? A week on Tuesday I will be heading down to Stamford, but I’m not sure I will ever feel 100% ready for an event like Burghley. We are going this year knowing what a 4* is like and what to expect, although I’m not sure that’s a good thing!


Team Mascot!

Team Mascot!

I have made the mistake of watching the course video, more than once. It’s bigger and tougher than last year. But we go with no pressure on our shoulders. I keep reminding myself we are going as amateurs to have a nice weekend, make the most of the free champagne and catch up with friends…. It’s meant to be fun… Right!? I am extremely competitive though (mainly with myself) and I’m hoping to better last year, but if we both come home happy and safe I will be thrilled.

In all seriousness, the course is tough, but it’s a 4* and if it was easy everyone would do it. We have been working hard on our dressage and I’m just hoping our nerves don’t get the better of us and we do our best, after all that’s all we can do. I have had a word with Si and told him all about Valegro – he wasn’t impressed with the thought of a dancing horse. I’m certainly glad I’m sat on my Super Shire jumping cob and not a dancing horse!

Smart new team clothing ready for Burghley.

Smart new team clothing ready for Burghley.

I have been approached my a very well known company for them to provide my trot up outfit, it’s all very exciting, if not slightly bizarre! I’m very surprised they wanted their products on me, never mind when trying to run alongside Siren!

The plan once we get back will be to try and keep things as normal as possible. He was entered at Hartpury CIC***, but after a foot perfect double clear at Burgham CIC*** a few weekends ago I withdrew him. He isn’t the type of horse that needs a lot of runs, he knows his job and what he doesn’t know now . . . well it’s too late! Reports of usually hard ground at Hartpury put me off also as I am quite protective of his chunky Shire legs and he really doesn’t appreciate hard ground.


Swimming Siren!

He will come home from the swimming pool on Monday, then have a few nice long hacks, a few schooling sessions, a final jump and a final gallop. In between all that he will be shod, feathers trimmed off (to try make him look more like the 4* superstar he is and less like the shire he wants to be!), and I’ve set myself a challenge to learn to stitch plaits in . . . if we can’t win the real event best turned out would be nice!

I am going to try do a regular blog at Burghley to give everyone an insight to the ‘behind the scenes’. If nothing else, I will take lots of pictures ?
Much love
Charlotte and Super Si

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