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Testing, Testing…Horseware Rambo Duo Rug

img_1157We’re just at that time of year when people are starting to clip and to pull out winter rugs. Questions are popping up all over the internet about which rugs to buy. Enter the Horseware Rambo Duo rug. This rug makes rug shopping a cinch, because it does away with the need to buy several different weight rugs. It comes with a 100g waterproof outer with detachable hood, and a 300g liner to turn it into a heavyweight rug. I also bought a 100g liner to make more of a medium weight for autumn and spring.

img_7937The first thing you’ll notice about the Duo rug system is how slippy the liners are. This helps maintain a shiny coat and avoid rubs. The liners attach to the outer with velcro tabs either side of the withers and clips at the back by the filet string. They sit neatly out of sight under the waterproof rug, so if you’re wondering if they’ll poke out at soak up water, they won’t – as expected, Horseware have thought of that and made sure it won’t happen.

img_3606The outer rug has all kinds of nifty features which makes it a cut above the other rugs I own. Firstly, the filet string is actually a clip-on bungee cord covered in flexible plastic tube. This makes it incredibly easy to clean and does away with those disgusting mug and dung encrusted filet strings we all have memories of!

Next, the closure at the front is absolutely bomb-proof. There’s two velcro layers, then the Horseware double clip on a v-system. There’s no gaping at the front at all.

img_1883 img_8174


You can see the black plastic acetal clip to the left of the metal rectangular clip.

Finally, Horseware have innovated with their new surcingles. These are fastened on one side with heavy-duty velcro, which means they can be removed for washing. They also have what Horseware call the Acetal Clip, which will break free if needed should your horse do something daft and get a leg stuck. The rug comes with three spare plastic clips so if one of the acetal clips does break, you can keep using the rug. Even if you run out of spares, you can just attach the surcingle using the metal rectangular clip until you get a spare. This is a really clever and yet surprisingly simple system, which makes this rug stand out above others.

Spare acetal clips - the rug also comes with a booklet explaining how the breakaway surcingles work!

Spare acetal clips – the rug also comes with a booklet explaining how the breakaway surcingles work and how to replace the clips, complete with step by step photos!

The neck cover is attached with heavy duty velcro to the outer, and doesn’t move an inch as a result. The rug is incredibly light on the horse, and fits very true to size.

I turned a freshly clipped warmblood out overnight in torrential rain wearing this rug with the 100g liner, and came down the next morning to find a very warm, happy horse. I’d definitely recommend getting another liner – you can buy 100g, 200g and 300g ones. The 300g one it comes with will be super-warm, so you’re unlikely to need it at this time of year. 100g is perfect for my horse, and I’m eying up a 200g one as well, to complete the set. The brilliant thing about the liners is you can take them home and wash them in a normal machine, so you can keep your horse nice and clean throughout the winter. Mine will be living in this rug now until the end of winter, so it’s really worth the money.

No matter how much she tried, the rug wasn't shifting!

No matter how much she tried, the rug wasn’t shifting!

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