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E-Venting Predictions – 2017

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We have thankfully arrived into a new year and with that comes the annual game to predict what is going to happen in the upcoming year.


  • The British team realising that they have a lack of team horse options for the Euros pull Over to You out of retirement.
  • The French select a mule for the Euros and it still manages to go round cross country inside the time.
  • Michael Jung becomes even more minimalist with tack persuading the FEI that saddles are not required and wins the Euros with only a bitless bridle.
  • With the new FEI rule about flags, horses are now fitted with alarms which ring if their shoulders are outside of the flags.
  • The FEI in a fit of inclusivity have invited China to join the Europe region. After all Australia competes in Eurovision… This sees Alex Hua Tian compete at the Euros. Equi Ratings predicts a German victory and dismisses China’s chances resulting in an amazing Chinese win.
  • Chris Bartle having returned to British allegiance starts eventing again himself and becomes a team contender.
  • Valegro is being schooled to jump. With the  eventing test only being advanced medium, it is considered a worthy retirement and easier life for Valegro and he just needs to leave the start box to be counted at the Olympics. He is hoping to become the first multi disciplinary olympic medallist thanks to the new FEI rules.
  • Ian Stark has recently visited the Grand Canyon. Rumours are he has been looking at it for his next ditch inspiration.
  • With all recent USA eventing success coming from immigrants, the US holds its breath to see what impact Donald Trump presidency has on its team. Worst case scenario is the team moves south to practice over the wall.
  • BE has drawn up a secret calendar, in the event of cancellations the secret calendar comes into play which has events at Aston le Walls every week.
  • BE relaxes lower height limit for ponies for BE90s and below resulting in a Shetland qualifying for and winning the Mitsubishi Motors cup.
  • Ollie Townend is to be handicapped into the new season at CIC. He will ride with his hands tied behind his back.
  • Moaning about not being eligible for championships has pushed BE to introduce 134 new championships including one for a rider who is 42 never competed above novice, gets a dressage score over 35 and has a couple of poles.
  • The Badminton trot up is to include music and lights for the first time ever. Rumours are that Ben Hobday will be coming out to Baby Got Back.
  • The Russians look pumped for the Euros – literally. Putin is thought to have put them on a special mix of vitamins.

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An amateur rider who produces all her own horses. I have competed at novice level and sadly never got further due to bad luck with horses but I am still ambitious to achieve a lot more. I have a riding qualification in UKCC2 and a diploma in NLP. Sports science and particularly the mental game fascinates me. For a day job I work for a large multinational brand.