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Playing with The Big Boys

That’s it…. Christmas done 🙁  we are in the awkward time in between Christmas and new year. No one knows what day it is and everyone is still eating all the chocolates from Christmas…. diets can’t start until the new year, yes?

I’ve had quite a busy Christmas visiting family and friends, but I have managed to ride Siren quite a lot. I have been making the most of being for able to ride in the daylight and got in some good long hacks in. Boxing day we went for 12 miles, in gale force winds. Probably not our finest decision as it was absolutely freezing but if we wait for good weather nothing will ever get done!

We have also had our first canter work session on the gallops. We are very spoilt and last year the yard installed gallops so fitness work is now a lot easier. We still do lots of hill work on the roads, and he is pretty fit before he’s allowed on the gallops. I didn’t push him at all for his first time, I wanted to see how he felt and how fit he is. I think he was pleased that he was allowed to go fast again! He felt very keen and a lot fitter than I thought. I was planning on getting a video of him, but needed both hands on the reins. We will gradually increase the frequency and time he gallops for from now on. With his first event in just over 8 weeks, hopefully we can get him good for that.

We have continued to use the Thermatex Pro-core Trainer. It really is a fab bit of kit and I would recommend it for anyone wanting to engage the hind quarters and build up core strength. Unfortunately siren is built to have his legs behind him and not underneath him… he would be fab towing a cart! His physio has recommend we use this a few times a week. It’s quite tricky to fit everything in, but it can be used during ridden work too. But as Siren still likes to be a bit handy with his back legs when it’s on I’m sticking to lunging at the moment. He had a repeat visit from the physio and she was really pleased with the difference in him. It’s surprising what can be done if we listen to these professionals that we use!!

I didn’t really get any ‘horsey’ gifts for Christmas. Except a few days before I got a massive box from my farrier with ‘from the pit crew’ on. The ‘pit crew’ (my mum, dad, brothers, boyfriend, farrier) complained at Burghley we didn’t have matching buckets like the other professionals. We do now!!!

I am very excited to find out that two of my sponsors are going to continue their support in the 2017 season.

TopSpec have been a massive part of Sirens ‘development’. We have always struggled with his feed, he’s fussy and during all this surgery over the year his weight has gone up and down (but mainly down), as well as suffering from ulcers. He is now looking amazing, eating ‘like a horse’ and looking plump for the first time in his life.

Looking fab on Topspec

The National Saddle Centre are also going to continue to support us in 2017. They are a fab company that supported us for the first time towards the end of 2015. I’m in the process of organising a visit to go down and see Jo for a saddle check and catch up. When I first got my dressage saddle from Jo I was amazed with how thorough she was, I had never had a saddle fitted to me as well as Siren. She is the lady to see! I’m sure you will have all seen the amazing opportunity to win a Fairfax headcollar on their Facebook page, if not go look.

I don’t have a big team of sponsors, but what I do have I am so so grateful for and they are now friends as well as sponsors.

We have a busy month ahead of us with dressage lessons booked, galloping (and gym for me!), and with the arrival of the BE wall calendar … lots of planning!

Much love,
Charlotte and Siren xx

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