Playing With The Big Boys

Playing With The Big Boys

A rather large shoe not on Siren’s foot!

The season has started!! (Well not for us yet but almost). We are entered at Oasby tomorrow in the Open Intermediate and I’m so excited. We always seem to start the season at Oasby, and luckily the ground usually holds up quite well, which is a good job with all this rain!

Last week the wagon decided to pull a sickie… something was squeaking and smelling funny, so my trip to see Jo at the National Saddle Centre was postponed to next week. The wagon is fixed and raring to go.


Somerfield Farm Ride

Preparations for this season were going ok, but rain stopped play. We were booked in at Somerford for cross country schooling for 2 consecutive weekends but it had to shut due to the rain. The best we could manage was the farm ride, which although it was wet and puddly, allowed us to at least see a cross country fence before Oasby. We had a slight drama with Siren twisting his shoe in the wagon (if there is one thing Siren doesn’t do it’s loose/twist shoes!) and we didn’t have anything to remove it with. After a lot of walking around the yards at Somerford I managed to find someone with a pair of nail removers, which allowed me to get his shoe off. Then I had to decide whether to take him with 3 shoes or leave him on the wagon. He went round with 3 shoes and was fine, he’s a tough cookie… he is a Shire after all! (I have now bought a pair of shoe removers)


Somerford Farm Ride

We have been for a fair few dressage lessons recently and we really feel he is improving. We are working on getting him to work in a much deeper frame to encourage him to work over his back more. He has eventually come around to this idea, but have been finding him slightly stiffer when bending his neck to the right. The Physio was called and she found him quite tight in the left hand side of his neck. Hopefully with regular Physio and (Sirens favourite) carrot stretches daily this should be sorted pretty quickly.

So the season… after Oasby we are heading to Burgham 3*. I love Burgham and the course really suits Siren. It’s quite a hilly course and it should test his fitness well.


Inner shire coming out

I made it pretty clear that I was over the moon that we got our Badminton qualification at Burghley, so it seems only right to enter him. I have to admit being nervous entering … it’s a pretty big deal! We don’t have a lot of FEI points so are fully expecting to be on the wait list, but if we don’t enter we won’t get in.

I’d love to get in, to go and have an amazing time… we aren’t delusional that we will be competitive, but I have every bit of confidence in Sirens ability and above all his massive heart, he will go and give it his all. He has jumped around Burghley twice, surely Badminton can’t be that hard (please note this is VERY tongue in cheek!)


We’ve entered! Now to see what happens…

So from now on we are to wrap him in bubble wrap and keep our fingers crossed we get in (but if we don’t he will head to Tattersalls which I hear have amazing parties so it’s not a bad second option – in fact I’d love to go!)

Good luck to everyone eventing/competing/riding – remember above all to enjoy it. Horses cost to much (financially and emotionally) to not enjoy them ?

Lots of love
Charlotte and Super Si

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