Playing With The Big Boys

Playing with the Big Boys – Pre season preparations

A belated happy new year to everyone, I hope you all survived the awful rain and floods and are now surviving this cold snap.
Siren is working hard, but the season is creeping up extremely quickly and we don’t seem to have enough time to fit everything in! With trying to squeeze in as many dressage lessons as possible, gallop him to get him fit, school him & jump him I could do with an extra day in the week. There is also the issue of riding him after work… I really struggle to drag myself from my warm car when it is so cold!

Enjoying the new gallops

Enjoying the new gallops

I am very fortunate to keep him on an amazing yard and the facilities have recently had an upgrade. The owners (Siren’s breeders) have always had a passion in racing since their daughter went to work at the local racing yard. Fast forward 10 years and after brilliant successes in the point to pointing field they have decided to set up a racing yard alongside their very successful livery yard. So we are now the envy of every other yard in the area as we now have gallops. After some confusion which is the best surface it is now perfect – which is making fitness work much easier!

Over the festive period I managed to get some good hacking in, with the obligatory trip to the pub.


To the pub!

To the pub!

With the season creeping up on us I have been planning/organising (everyone loves a good plan!) our season. With our aim for the year to be at Burghley again. I have found it really hard to plan what to do as I don’t want to over do it, but it’s also fun and my hobby so I want to do as much as realistically/financially possible. With the added confusion of moving house I have finally come up with a plan. So our rough plan is:

Oasby, Burnham Market, Belton, Chatsworth, Bramham, Barbury, Hartpury and Burghley. I haven’t yet decided what classes to do at said events but I’m thinking this year may be the year of the 3*. We need to earn some more FEI points if we are to ever get to Badminton.

12584002_615333632097_1129933955_nOn a slight side note my niece Olivia (10 years) and nephew William (6 years) came to ride the yard owners miniature Shetland the other day. They haven’t really got much interest but like to come now and again and help out. My niece seems to have grown somewhat and we soon discovered she could probably touch the ground with her feet! So my friend kindly said she could have ago on her pony Basil. She has ridden a handful of times but look at her position….She mastered rising trot and managed to sit with a position the most experienced horse rider would be proud of! I wonder how long it will be before Siren will become a ‘school master’ popping around the unaffiliated circuit.

I hope everyone is preparing well for the season ahead.
Speak soon,
Charlotte and Super Si

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