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Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials – Press Conference Day One

Michael Jung talking about La Biosthetique Sam:

“He is really a fantastic horse, very good in all 3 disciplines. It was hard work when he was young, but we have been learning together from the big atmosphere at competitions, what I have to do to make it more easy for him. I can enjoy it, I know how I have to prepare him.”

How do you make him relaxed?

“Top secret.”

Then he elaborated: “It’s very important that he travel in a very big box, so the travelling is more relaxed for him so he can be more relaxed at the competition. It’s not just the big things that are important, little things too. He needs to be very happy in his stable, in warm up, and in competition. It’s good that we have the vet check [trot up] in the dressage stadium, that they feel the arena a little bit and the pressure from spectators.”

“I really enjoy the time riding him.”

He said that his father taught him from the start, and it’s very useful that his father knows him so well as well as the horses, he can make tiny changes and corrections that really help.

I asked what he thought about the XC.

“It’s a good thing, I was always thinking of the weather because of the ground, but the ground looks perfect. It’s tough, for the condition it is very tough, maybe easier first part then a very long way up the hill after the Storm Doris logs, you really have to think of the condition of the horse, not push too much, you need a lot of energy at the end of the course.”

I asked if he expected to be leading the dressage by over 4 penalties at this stage.

He replied that it’s only day one, “it’s interesting for tomorrow, ours was not a perfect test but it was very good. I had a very good feeling, Sam was very relaxed and concentrating.”


Photo by Katie Neat for e-Venting

Gemma Tattersall

“He’s a very nervous horse in the atmosphere, but he’s been very relaxed since we got here. We spent ages on the arena walk yesterday, patting him, going in and out. He’s been out all day today, little bit of work, walking, little bit of work, walking. In the arena, I really rode him forward, he took a big breath.”

Her thoughts on the XC:

“The Trout Hatchery will need great care, and Discovery Valley. Must not push too early up the big hill, make sure they have enough left at the end.”

She’s hoping they’’ll have more rain [none is forecast here] and expects that less than 5 combinations will get inside the time.


Mackenna Shea

Landioso contracted shipping fever on the way over from the States, which in fact gave her more time to get ready. They did the 2* at Barbury in June, Aston Le Walls Advanced, and Gatcombe Advanced.

It was a really good build up, the terrain and questions. Aston Le Walls was friendly, and then at Gatcombe she could push for a fitness test.



Photos of Michael Jung by kind permission of Shaw Shots – Peter Shaw Photography

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