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We don’t believe there is any rider who doesn’t like to watch back their rounds from events (exceptional circumstances excluded), and the service offered by An Eventful life is ever gaining in popularity, for their excellent videos.

An Eventful life place fixed cameras on course which allow them to normally cover every fence on a course and in some cases offer more than one angle of a fence. The videos are then edited and combined giving riders the chance to relive their rounds. There are two main purchasing options, either online; which can be shared with friends, family, trainers, owners and the whole world if desired!; or download for a small additional sum which riders then have to keep. The 2017 season sees the team cover over 30 events across the country from BE90 to 3* including arena eventing.

But don’t just take our word for how good the videos are firstly watching the above video you can watch any public videos on An Eventful Life’s Website. Just go to an event and you can see which videos are available to watch. Secondly we got in contact with a few customers and asked for their honest opinions and below is what they had to say;


J Hollis – I recently purchased an event video from An Eventful Life of my daughter, Anna, winning the Open Novice at Eridge Horse Trials. We were very pleased with the quality of the video – all the jumps were shown, and some, such as the ditch combination and the water, were shown from two different angles. The delivery time was reasonable given the work that must be involved in finding and stitching the individual jump videos together – I think I ordered on the afternoon of Friday 21 July and it was available to watch on Wednesday 26 July. The ordering process was very easy. Anna has bought two videos previously and has been pleased with those too – she found it was particularly useful to see where she could make up time and has been regularly within the time at BE Novice since studying her South of England video. The only improvement I would suggest would be to have download as a standard service (as opposed to being an higher priced option), as it is a bit worrying to think that you could lose access to your videos if the website was down for any reason. We are very pleased with the quality of the videos purchased.


T Corser – I have purchased several eventing videos of my daughter. We find them really helpful for trainers to be able see what has happened during the round. Owners too can see their horse when sometimes they are unable to attend in person. But above all it allows the rider to look back, relax and enjoy the ride! We have always been pleased with the quality, value for money and the prompt service of An Eventful Life


M Edwards – Love reliving your XC round: you need to get hold of an eventful life’s!

I’ve got 4 videos from them and if I had gone to more events they attended, I would have more! It is a deciding factor for me when i hesitate between two events. I also always find a reason to buy the video. First video: horse was a baby and it was our first clear 90 xc. 2nd video: first time back out last year, my horse ran out at the last fence and jump the string instead. An eventful life has it on film. It’s also helped my trainer and I see what I do wrong and fix it. 3rd one: our first clear at 100, woohoo. 4th video: my last 100 plus I was DC so really couldn’t not buy it! Whatever your excuse, they are amazing mementoes! If you have someone with you at an event, great! But they can only record snippet of your round. If you are alone, well, all you have are photos (stills). Nice but an actual video from starting box through to finish line, to relive that round as many times as you wish… priceless. It’s basically the same cost as 4/6 printed photos (at least in my region).

My only negative point is the overlayed music but easily overcome by not having the volume on when watching


Hopefully you are now convinced by the service offered by An Eventful Life but just in case we are lucky to offer the chance to one lucky e-Venting fan to win a video of one of their rounds from this year. To be in it to win it visit our Facebook page to enter. We will pick the lucky winner at random on ….

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