Tried and Tested

Tried & Tested – Majyk Colour Elite XC boots

If you’re still looking for something for your Christmas list then why not add a set of Majyk Colour Elite XC boots! Ok maybe not everyone but a good few of you should and here is why.

We received a set to test back earlier in the season and have been putting them through their paces.

Firstly looking at the design they have a lightweight flexible but sturdy shell with a lattice design allowing airflow. They are lined with perforated bio foam (in other words no neoprene) which helps prevent overheating.

The front boots have an ARTi-LAGE™ panel in the front and a flexible TPU shield at the back of the boot. This ensures that the front of the cannon bone in protected from bruising if a fence is hit whilst the back is protected from over reach and strike injuries. The hind boots have a panel containing both ARTi-LAGE™ and flexible TPU shield at front of the boot to best protect the front of the hind leg from impact injuries.

Click here to watch a video of just how much protection is offered with the ‘bowling ball’ challenge!

For the matchy matchy people out there the boots are available in Atomic Orange, Azure Blue, Scarlett Red​​ Tiffany Turquoise meaning you can match with your XC colours. I don’t do matchy matchy as a rule but this is acceptable even for me so the Azure Blue was the perfect choice.

I will say the first time I put my hands on them I did question the seem as to whether the seams might rub but having used them multiple times on a sensitive horse I can confirm they have never left a mark. I did though have to be careful that they were correctly fastened and tightened. The first time I used them I obviously hadn’t tightened them correctly and they slipped but that was the first and last time they did so.

Size wise previously if you have a very small horse or one with short cannon bones then these boots wouldn’t have been for you. The medium fit the mare I ride who is 16h2 ish of average build and bone. BUT now a new smaller boot has being launched to suit those with smaller mounts.

The boots still look like new now and clean up really well. They are coated in ‘Forever Clean’ which means they normally just need a rinse under the horse to clean up.

To buy the boots visit one of the UK retailers, Ayr Equestrian, Glaze & Gordon, Uptown Eventing and Shadow Horse. The boots will also be available at these retailers at Olympia where there will be a free gift with purchases (whilst stocks last!). For more details regarding the boots visit the Majyk website

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