An introduction!

Firstly hi and secondly wow!

Not long ago a collection of friends (including myself!) made a few jokey comments about wouldn’t it be great if we set up a website where we could vent our thoughts about eventing and horses in general so thereby making a site for eventers by eventers. We then thought, actually why not and so a great name followed by a fairly notable amount of web design (I knew that geeky hobby would eventually come in useful!) sandwiched around work and horses and here we are today with a real live site with amazing potential.

We have been astounded by the fantastic feedback we have already received and to be honest we are only just getting started! As a group we are currently bouncing round all types of ideas to expand the site so to make it even better for you the reading public, but we will need your help! Tell us what you like and tell us what you don’t, we welcome all opinions however insignificant you feel they may be.

So who am I I hear you ask? In reality I’m no one significant, I’m just like the majority of you reading this site, a life long horse lover and grassroots amateur eventer who combines horses with a full time office job and a husband, though not necessarily in that order! But that is what we hope will make e-Venting great because we are just like you, we are not marketeers or salesman we are hard working eventers with real lives and normal horses looking to improve our knowledge and results, so hopefully e-Venting will help you and us do exactly that.

I’ve ridden since I was dot high and have at some point over the years competed in pretty much every discipline in one form or another. I have competed to a ‘respectable’ level in both dressage and showjumping but now concentrate on eventing with my mare who is best nicknamed as ‘Flirt’, she was meant to be a showjumper but bypassing a still slightly present water phobia on her part we are finding eventing far far more fun!

Hopefully the plan is for me and Flirt to go Novice this year, we dipped our toe in at the level last year via the Riding Club Open Nationals but this year we want to do it properly! Be prepared therefore for a series of ‘eeek what the hell am I letting myself in for’ type posts when that first novice is looming close!

From the title of this blog ‘The Army WAG’ there are no prizes for guessing my husband’s occupation. I’m not a stereotypical army WAG but then I’m not really a stereotypical anything which I’m sure those that know me will confirm. But the army has a big impact on my life and where I live it so I thought it was an apt title especially with my Husband due to be back out on tour in Afghan next month.

This summer (or the prolonged wet period formerly known as summer) is therefore going to be filled with ponies and socialising and also now importantly further developing and do you know what? I can’t wait!

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