My new eventing project begins

Things have been busy in the army WAG household recently, husband has been doing the last few bits of packing ready to fly out next week to Afghan and I have taken delivery of a new pony to keep me busy whilst he is away.


Oki the 7/8ths TB who currently looks more Irish bog pony!

Meet Oki she has come to visit me for the spring/summer to see if she would like to become an eventer. She is approx 7/8ths TB but currently is looking really rather fluffy and Irish bog pony like, but underneath the fluff is a potentially rather smart little horse.

She is actually 6 this year but has spent most of her life in a field through no fault of her own. I had made a mention I was considering a second horse whilst my husband is away and her owner suggested I might like to try her. A test ride later and here she is!

How could you say no to this?

How could you say no to this?

Over the next few months (and who knows longer!) you can track her progress here on my blog hopefully watching her turning from scruffy pony into full blown eventer!

As you can see she has settled in well already, having arrived yesterday evening she tucked right into her hayledge whilst watching inquisitively her new neighbours. She has also settled well today with her new fieldmates which includes Flirt.

She is building up a fan club at the yard already as she is rather cute and very well natured and as per the pic to the right how could you not think that face is cute?

As I always start as I mean to go on ridden work started today as well! She has been led out a bit from her owner’s horse so fitness wise I’m not starting from scratch but she has only been ridden a handful of times in the last 6 months and prior to that she had mainly hacked so proper schooling work will be started again as if she is a 4yo including teaching her to jump as although she has already had the first steps started it makes no harm to go back over them when she has had extended time off.

Today she was understandably a bit on her toes having moved from a farm where there were about 3 or 4 horses stabled to now a

Oki's opinion of having her photo taken!

Oki’s opinion of having her photo taken!

busy livery yard where there is nearer 20 but even so she was polite with it. So despite a large military helicopter flying low overhead (wave at pilots low!) after a few minutes walking in hand (didn’t even need to lunge first) I got straight on board and did about 5 minutes ridden work in walk in the school. I could have happily done more but for her first ride at a new yard within 24 hours of moving I thought that was plenty especially as she was starting to relax and stretch forward and down nicely. The basics are clearly there which she has had instilled during her previous limited ridden work which is going to make my life far easier. I also did some in hand work afterwards and despite being mainly turned out up to now the handling she has had has been correct so she is very mannerly which will make things a lot easier.

Will update you all again next week with how we are progressing and hopefully we might be able to manage some ridden photos if I can find someone willing to hold a camera!

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