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An Organiser’s Plea – Please don’t make it a rubbish day…

We asked around for things that Organisers would like to say to competitors, as the season is about to start, and the only reply we’ve had so far is:
My only bugbear is having to pick up lots of electrical tape (from boots with perfectly good velcro!) and those disposable plastic gloves that people put ice tight on with. Most people are brill but there are always a few who let the side down. I think they think we all have rubbish-tidying fairies who do overnight transformations!
Personally, I competed at Norton Disney on the last day of competition there last year and was really shocked by the amount of rubbish left, especially plastics (as above).
Come on, everyone. We’re all horsey people, we all know what a grazing field is, and the dire potential consequences for any poor animal eating any of these things. Please, take a bag, scoop your rubbish up, and take it home with you. It only takes a minute and makes such a difference!

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