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Tip of the Day: Last resort for tiny stone stuck in stud hole.


The hole, successfully studded with Supastuds travel stud, fantastic bits of kit.

Today I had that nightmare scenario, a small round stone completely wedged in a stud hole. Katie’s tip (originally our Eventing Vet’s idea, actually, credit where it’s due!) of using WD40 and then trotting on concrete didn’t budge it, and I couldn’t even get a farrier’s nail down the side of it to wear it down and wiggle it loose.
I’ve had to work away at a stone like this for absolutely ages before, with a lot of swearing and sweating, and that was one I could get the nail down the side of.
Fortunately Alan, my partner, had a great idea, and Daisy didn’t mind it. Use a small (quiet) battery-powered drill on it, and destroy the stone with it. We ran the drill up near her shoulder, then near her back end, without a flinch, before trying it, well aware that if she took exception to the noise or the feel of it things could get nasty. I held the foot up, he held the drill, ready to leap away with it if she took exception to the vibration, but surprisingly she was as good as gold. He was very careful to only drill to a depth of about 3mm, and in about 3 seconds the stone was reduced to powder and the problem was solved. 🙂 🙂 🙂 


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