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BE100 Badminton Grassroots Champions

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Winner Alexandra Farrar-Fry

It was a nail-biting second day for those _Q9A8023-2people eagerly watching at home for the results of the BE100 Grassroots Championship. The “live” scoring on BDWP was painfully slow to be updated, and it was disappointing that rather than use the same system as Badminton CCI****, we were relegated to watching on a medium which didn’t even put the riders in order of placing until all phases were complete. This meant people were frantically trying to figure out who had the best dressage score going into cross country, and what impact that pole down had had on their friend’s placing.

The wild weather continued in Gloucestershire much to the horror of the competitors, who reported that several of the horses had been unsettled in the temporary stables due to the noise of the roof flapping.

At the end of the dressage, Anna Tomlinson held the lead on an impressive 25.4, but there were several combinations hot on her heels, and she didn’t even have a pole in hand going into the show jumping. The second phase was to prove influential, with he overnight leader Lucinda Stephenson finding herself well down the order after adding 12 jumping to her dressage of 26.9.

Rachel Holden and Martel looked initially to those at home as though they’d taken the win, with a clear round show jumping and no time to add to their cross country score. Alas, the sluggish results system was to show otherwise, when it was finally revealed that she’d managed the feat of finishing inside the time despite having 20 cross country penalties to add.

Anna Tomlinson 2nd

Anna Tomlinson 2nd






Thanks to Polly Hollbrook-Bull for the video of Bea Coward through the water in the BE100.

A single pole down in the showjumping by Anna was enough to allow Alexandra Farrar-Fry to take the win on Grey Finnsky, adding nothing to their excellent dressage of 27.5. Alexandra is no stranger to the Grassroots Championships, having won the BE90 section in 2011 aboard Diamond Trefoil.

  1. Alexandra Farrar-Fry – Grey Finnsky – 27.5
  2. Anna Tomlinson – Moreorless II – 29.4
  3. Cathrine Taylor – Lorelei – 31.5
  4. Georgie Bell – Norton Renee – 34.5
  5. Imogen Judd – Urlingford Tom – 34.8
  6. Lucy Roberts – Amarulla III – 35.1
  7. Jenny Yate – Sannanvalley Classic – 36.3
  8. Chloe Arnold – Billy Hero – 36.4
  9. Kirstin Bamford – Coosh – 37.8
  10. Emma Lawton – Redinagh Clover – 38.4
  11. Lauren Hanley – Statham Shalako – 39.3
  12. Vicky Smith – Indian King II – 39.4
  13. Phoebe Locke – Tullibards X Factor – 39.8
  14. Nicholas Pearce – Jacorde – 39.9
  15. Louise Weir – Lady Ballina – 40.1
  16. Tracey Crane – Henry The Hunter – 40.8
  17. Ruth Holroyd – Monsoon III – 40.9
  18. Emma Rothwell – Jollie II – 41.4
  19. Harriet Noakley – Dorland – 41.8
  20. Lola Watt – Denys De La Mer – 42.6

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