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Tip of the Day: Please, eventers, pick up your rubbish!!!


Black electrical tape, idly dropped in the grass, waiting to be eaten by an unwary herbivore?

I was at an event the other day, and whoever had parked in that space in the horsebox park the day before had obviously used black electrical tape over their horse’s boots.

This is a grazing field, and yet riders/grooms had just dropped all their rubbish and left it where it fell. There was plenty, I only bothered to photograph 1 thing!
I can’t begin to say how much this disappoints me. We aren’t townies with the (feeble) excuse of not knowing that this sort of rubbish is potentially dangerous to grazing animals.

Of course I picked up what I saw, but I suspect that someone is, right now, spending an hour or two painstakingly walking back and forward up the field and gathering all the rubbish that was carelessly dropped.

It only takes a second to pick it up and put it in the horsebox. It should be second nature to us all to treat an event like our own yard!

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  • I couldn’t agree more – I am always astonished that competitors show such disrespect to landowners and organisers by leaving rubbish where they have been parked – such bad manners. It is the work of moments to have a quick walk round where you have been before driving off, pick up any bits and bobs, lob them in the lorry or trailer and take them home to bin them. Come on, folks… we can do better!

  • Oh yes – disgusting people. Makes me ashamed to be associated with them. And it’s at all competitions not just BE. I spend time picking up Styrofoam coffee cups, chocolate wrappers etc. too.

  • I was at an event and after cooling horse off we always unplait as she is grazing. A friend who came to watch thought she would do it and proceeded to drop the band on the grass, where the horse was grazing. My sister soon told her about all the cons to her actions and made her pick them all up. I see bands on the floor at most comps I go to. 🙁

  • Hear, Hear! Having organised or helped at a number of my Riding Club’s events I have been that person who has spent time at the end of a long, tiring day, for other people’s benefit, tidying the car park so you could hardly tell we had been there; picking up rubbish and barrowloads of droppings. Recently I have groomed for a friend at a few BE events and have been STAGGERED by those who carefully collect up their droppings (often from inside their lorries) and EMPTY THE SKIP UNDER THEIR RAMP, slightly hidden till they drive away!! It doesn’t take much to add a muck sack or big enough skip to your kit list so you can to take it back to your own muck heap/rubbish bin.