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How Did I Live Without…..Absorbine

Ok, ok, I know this is a whole range of stuff and not just one product, but here at e-venting, the whole team is in love with the Absorbine range of products. And we thought it’d be a bit dull for you, dear reader, if we just churned out lots of HDILW posts about their various primping and preening potions for ponies. Now we know as tough, hardcore eventers we should eschew all this stuff, but these are the products which let us compete with the sponsored heros and their armies of grooms in the turnout stakes. If you can’t beat their dressage score, at least come down the centre line looking professional.

First up is Showsheen. I will say this once, and I will say it loud DO NOT PUT THIS WHERE YOUR TACK GOES. Unless you intend being an extra in one of those shows where they work horses at liberty that is. However, for keeping tails tangle-free, especially in the depths of winter on clay soil, and for doing your quarter marks, this stuff cannot be beaten.

Next product of choice for the e-venting ponies is the hoof polish. Available in clear and black, this product is a godsend for so many reasons. You can apply it the day before and it still looks amazing as you finish your XC round. This is important to me because: It removes the ‘oh **** I’ve applied hoof oil and haven’t done my studs yet’ moment which all eventers have had, at least once; and you can put it on the night before, so it means you never get to an event and think ‘I’m now running so late it’s a toss-up between studs and tying my stock and frankly hoof oil isn’t even registering on the list of priorities’. Also, ever wondered how pros manage to keep their hoof oil looking so shiny for the trot up, even though they’ve spent the last 30 minutes dashing frantically round a dust bowl of a field trying to ‘loosen up’ the horse enough to pass? This stuff is the reason why! Finally, it doesn’t seal the hoof and it wears off naturally over a couple of days. So it doesn’t damage the hoof, or dry it out. It just makes it smart and shiny!

Finally, we at e-venting love Horseman’s One Step for cleaning tack. It lifts grease and dirt at the same time as cleaning and conditioning the leather, leaving your tack looking great. Because life’s too short to spend any more time than you have to cleaning tack.

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  • Or if you are on a budget, supermarket own brand furniture polish works just as well as Showsheen!