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Credit Where It’s Due: Amazing Buys Which Have Stood The Test Of Time #1: Heiniger Handy Clippers

Screen shot 2015-03-01 at 08.51.57Sorting through paperwork the other day I found the receipt for my first and only ever pair of clippers, Heiniger Handy Clippers. I bought them in 1995, and they’ve been going strong since then, doing at least a few horses a year. I think they have been serviced once (Oops *goes straight to hell*) and I’ve never had to buy another pair, or borrow a pair as back-up. Amazing. 19 years of exemplary service, so far. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Of course, I fully realise that saying that will probably hex them completely, and they’ll never work again, but they owe me nothing, so I could just about cope with that!
They still do a fantastic job, they are light enough not to make my arm ache, they don’t overheat (even doing a pony which has a coat which a yak would be proud of.) Heiniger, I salute you, what a great bit of kit they are.

I will add FAL Goliath heavyweight rugs, Horseware rugs (especially the Rambo Sweetitch Hoodie an incredibly durable summer essential for a sweet-itchy horse, in my experience), Thermatexes, Pikeur breeches (my competition ones are literally decades old… I have photos of me competing in them in the early 90s, and my ‘yard’ ones last over a decade, per pair), and Sabre  bridles (I have all these, they are all many many years old and have had loads of use, and are still in great condition) to my list of ‘great kit to have’. It really is worth buying good quality the first time if you can, and I think these clippers prove that!

Do you have any horsey products you bought yonks ago and use regularly, which are still going strong? It would be nice to have a list of makes/models of kit to go for, which will really stand the test of time.

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  • I have a Rambo ‘Wug’ original (the one with the two trigger clips to the one ring on the chest) – its lasted 3 horses around 15 year so far – still the perfect waterproof medium weight!

  • I can second the FAL rug – we got one with a horse we bought as a 7 year old and who is now 22; no idea how long he’d had it before he joined us but the rug is still going strong every winter, just like the horse!

  • I have a set of Lister Showman Clippers that I have had since 2001, the ones that run off a battery pack. Admittedly I only have one horse to clip each winter, but he has to be done every 3-4 weeks due to being so hairy!
    I had to replace the battery pack in Oct last year as it was no longer holding it’s charge, and I also treated them to their first ever service then too, after 13yrs, oops!
    They feel bullet proof and will last another 13 odd years I have no doubt!

  • I have a pair of Hauptner rapides that have done 4/5 horses a year for at least 28 years, still going strong.