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Teresa S: The Thing I Love and The Thing I’d Change

Teresa S is an owner and supporter, and she tells us what she loves and what she’d change with the aim of winning a rug from Swish. Have your say and gain a chance to win by clicking here.

The Thing I Love

This is from an owner/spectator’s point of view because I’m much too old and scared to actually compete and I can’t ride anyway.
I love love love the freedom to mooch around and enjoy everything and watch what I like when I like or look at the trade stands or have a coffee. I love picnicking in the lorry park and seeing people coming back from the XC with a huge grin on their faces. I love going with my rider to look at the scoreboard and waiting for her to tell me where my horse is lying at the moment and whether we might get placed (I’m pathetic at maths and can’t work this out for myself). Mostly I love the atmosphere – this is impossible to describe to normal people so I don’t even try.

The Thing I’d Change

I think this would be very unpopular with a lot of people and probably impossible to police, but I’d ban people from taking their dogs on those retractable lead things anywhere near the trade stands or the course and actually imprison people who let them off the lead. Don’t get me started on those who don’t clear up after their dogs – definitely room 101 fodder.

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