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All I Want For Christmas Is…

It’s December, so it’s time for the obligatory round-up of all the things the team has been coveting over 2013!


Picture3As a die-hard trailer fan with access to a Landrover, Lucy’s got her eye on the new Ifor Williams Eventa trailer. Fully loaded with everything you’d expect to see on a seriously swish lorry, but without the running costs, we can see this becoming the must-have accessory on the 2014 circuit.







We know Santa might not be quite that generous though, so in the interests   of reality and impartial reporting, she’d also quite like some super-smart beige competition breeches, so if any companies are looking to feature in our Tried and Tested series for 2014, you know where to come!

As hard as it may be to believe, we all have lives away from horses too. I asked the team to pick something non-horsey they’d love to see under the tree. Lucy is our resident fashionista, and topping her wish-list is a pair of black and white brogue creepers on a flatform sole. I’d find a picture for you, but since I’m the other end of the fashion spectrum, I strongly suspect it wouldn’t fit the bill!

Tarr Steps

Moving continents means leaving behind much that you love in the world, and what she’d dearly love is a replacement saddle – preferably a Butet in W width. Something like this from Sederholm should do the trick: http://www.sederholmselected.co.uk/product_p/buspec1-doub.htm

In the absence of a generous benefactor, if her nearest and dearest could provide a pair of Mountain Horse Forest Highlander boots, she’ll be very grateful.

Like all the e-V team, she’s hard on her phone, so an Android phone which can survive her lifestyle would be the ideal non-horsey gift to give her. I have my iPhone in a case from Lifeproof, but the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active looks like it fits the bill.


If Katie were to wake up to find a Ketterer lorry parked outside with a big bow on it, that would make her Christmas. Sadly, I think her other dream item, a comfort bridle from e-V favourite, Kate Negus is perhaps a little more realistic! Katie is the provider of the awesome photographs you see all over e-V, and her non-horsey wish list was always going to contain something to do with cameras. This time, it’s the Canon 1DX camera, so on the off-chance anyone from Canon is also an eventing fan, here’s a good way to get your goods tried and tested for sports photography!

The Eventing Vet

Our friendly eventing vet-turned-dressage-diva-and-team-chaser is, like all the team, addicted to the Horse Health website. What she’d really love is some beautiful sheepskin half pads and a three day holiday at AM Dressage. Having been fortunate enough to be based on the same yard as Adam and Matt in another life, I can confidently say she’d have an amazing time there!

Like all the e-V team, she trains on her own and doesn’t get nearly as many lessons as she’d like, so a set of arena mirrors from Mirrors for Training are something she’d love to see when she goes to muck out on Christmas day. Especially if they came with a 2* schoolmaster!

And when she’d not riding, she likes to kick back with a glass of wine and a good book, so a subscription to Virgin’s wine club and enough Amazon vouchers to fill her Kindle for a year would make her very happy.


Having newly acquired the eventing bug, and finally got her horse to settle out hunting, Louise is after some beige Pikeur Candela winter breeches and a new made to measure hunting coat. If they came wrapped up in a Theault automatic lorry, that would be perfect! Although for her non-horsey item she really wanted George Clarke to come and finish off her renovations, I think the Rais Q-Tee 2 wood burning stove is probably more likely to happen.


Out in France, Vicky has finally managed to destroy her Toggi Calgary boots, so she’d love a new pair. If Santa’s feeling particularly generous, then a complete set of rugs from Horseware Ireland for all her horses (especially 4* superstar William!) would be ideal. And for those rare moments she breaks free from the yard, a gorgeous 3/4 length coat is on her wish list – like most of us horsey types, clothes for ourselves come bottom of our shopping list!


Kerry’s dream gift would be a voucher for a six or seven year old horse from Vere Phillips, although in reality she’d be very happy with some warm, non-bulky riding gloves and jewellery from Hi Ho Silver.


King Cave PhotoAnd what am I after this year? Well, I’d absolutely love to find a Butet dressage saddle under the tree – this one would do nicely. Since that’s not likely to happen this year (or apparently any year according to my husband!), if someone could find it in their hearts to buy me an Equi Ami that would be fantastic. Away from the horses, I am another Kindle addict, and I’ve been racing through the Forever Evermore series by Scarlett Dawn. If, like me, you are enthralled by books which include vampires, shape shifters and magic (and who isn’t?!), then her King Hall and King Cave books will keep you entertained over Christmas. I’ve just read a review copy of King Cave, and it had me hooked from start to finish, with its expertly woven coming of age story, so I’d love for someone to buy me Amazon vouchers and a time machine – then I can nip into the future and buy the third part as soon as she’s finished writing it! (Note: if the content means you wouldn’t buy someone Jilly Cooper, then I suspect these wouldn’t be for them either!)






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