Tried and Tested

Tried & Tested – Kate Negus Stirrup Leathers

Here’s one tried & tested it’s taken us a while to post. For the e-Venting team, leather-work has to stand up to months of rigorous daily use – we like nice quality things but we can’t afford to keep replacing them. So we took one set of Kate Negus calfskin stirrup leathers, and we sent them to Louise, who has been using and abusing them for months now, meaning you can have total confidence in the results!
The beautiful calfskin leathers

The beautiful calfskin leathers

As with all Kate Negus products, the quality of the leather and stitching, the professional look and the value for money was instantly obvious when I unwrapped these beautiful stirrup leathers. I had hoped to use them on my Butet, but I was worried that in their new state the leather would be too hard for the incredibly soft leather on my saddle (like most stirrup leathers are). Luckily I had another saddle for them to be used on, so I put them to work immediately. Initially the leather was stiff, requiring two hands to change holes as they were tight, but this stiffness soon disappeared and once broken in there was a total lack of awareness of their existence, meaning they were sitting perfectly with no bulk.

After a few months use neither the appearance nor the quality have deteriorated at all. The “no stretch” promise has lived up to my high expectations and even though, on purpose, the leathers haven’t been swapped over (so one has been used consistently to mount), they are both still the same length, and the holes are in equal positions.
I would have no hesitation to endorse and recommend these leathers, and I expect that they will look and perform as new for years to come. These leathers may be pricey, but they’re worth every penny.

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