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Tried and Tested: Talolo boots

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Our tester for the Talolo boots is an individualistic dresser who picked the floral option from the three Talolo choices. There are the two bright patterns – Paisley Vibe and Floral Bliss – or, for those who prefer a slightly more understated look, there’s the very smart black snakeskin-print option. They are all made from high quality rubber.

Our tester said: “I have worn these boots quite a lot and had many remarks from friends and from strangers saying the following:

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 08.31.26“Lovely”… “Unusual”… “Funky”… “Classy”…“Where can I get them?”…“How much are they?”

They are great to brighten up a dull outfit, and got a fair bit of attention wherever I wore them!

They were very comfortable and matched with various items of clothing.
I liked the funky design and the cowboy boot style.

Screen shot 2014-11-25 at 08.31.42I haven’t seen anything similar on the market, it was great to wear something unique.

I wore them with black leggings, tight leg jeans and trousers, and a denim skirt, and found them really versatile. They brighten up a dull outfit and are fun and unusual, but also practical.”

They look absolutely ideal  for shopping trips, festivals, days out (spectating at events?) and so on. We’ve even heard of them being used as yard boots! All the benefits of a waterproof ‘wellie’ but with snazzy shape and styling and a bit of a heel. Perfect!



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