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The Winner at the Badminton 2013 Press Conference

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order gabapentin online overnight Jock and Clifton Promise during their winning clear round.
Photo by Katie Mortimore. Jock Paget sipped champagne, flanked by Andrew Nicholson and Michael Jung, on the winners’ podium in the Media Centre at Badminton. He looked a bit shell-shocked.

On his thoughts before the competition began, Jock Paget said “I knew that I had 2 good horses and I could win, but I didn’t think I would win” and “I kept making little mistakes, which stopped me from winning Kentucky and Pau 4 stars.”

“When I started riding, Badminton was a distant dream. I watched old videos and started thinking “it’d be cool to ride there.” (At this point Andrew Nicholson, sitting beside him, smiled ruefully!)

Asked “What are you going to do to celebrate?” He replied “Not much… take the horses home and go to sleep” which raised a ripple of laughter, and “I have a competition on Thursday, novice horses to ride in the week.”

The usual daily work of an event rider. It should be a bit easier for a while after a weekend like this one!

Huge congratulations to Jock, Clifton Promise and all their team, for putting up such a fantastic performance. It’s been an amazing week.



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