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Holly B: The Thing I Love and The Thing I’d Change

The first entrant in our competition to win a rug from Swish is in! Holly B tells us what she loves and what she’d change about the sport. Got an opinion? Join in the debate with a comment below, or enter the competition here.

The Thing I Love

The thing I love about eventing is the versatility. Although I love other disciplines, they are usually over in about 3 minutes and that’s it for the day. I love the polished horses and ponies who are on the brink of fitness doing collected canters and flying changes looking every ounce the shined model and next minute they are slathered in grease flying around a xc course and then still have the energy to jump a showjumping course. My favourite part of eventing is the rush you get when you are alone with your best friend/noble steed and you feel at one with them.

The Thing I’d Change

The thing I would change is different venues should have a better drying out system of the ground. No-one wants another repeat of Badminton. I know it’s incredibly difficult to keep the water out specially when you live in especially wet countries like England and Ireland, but a better drainage system would benefit everyone in the long run. If it isn’t implemented it will take longer after each event for the ground to recover.


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