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Testing, Testing…Stormchase Wrist Warmer

photo(1)The wrist warmer from Stormchase is one of those products you didn’t know you needed, but which you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. A new take on the fingerless glove, they’re water resistant, warm, super-comfy and supportive. Made from stretchy material with a fleecy lining, you pull them on over your hand, put your thumb through the slot, and hey presto!

I spend a lot of time messing around outdoors, and since I got these, they’ve barely left my arms. I’ve been rock climbing wearing them (warm, but leave my hands free enough to grip the rock), I’ve worn them for work bat surveying when it was too warm for gloves but not warm enough to stop my wrists freezing, I’ve cycled wearing them, pulled manes wearing them, and I have no doubt they will be my favourite winter plaiting accessory.

These started life in the Tried and Tested Category, but they’ve quickly morphed into How Did I Live Without!

This pair got passed round the e-Venting team a bit because of the sizing, so check your measurements carefully before you buy.

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