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Tip of the Day: Braiding elastics

If your bridle keepers have stretched and no longer stay in place, wrap a similar coloured braiding elastic around the strap below where the keeper sits. This will also do as an emergency keeper for a noseband, stud billet (although not recommended for xc!) or any other flapping strap. In fact they make great hair elastics, plastic bag fasteners and general collectors of bits and pieces. Even if you don’t use them to braid (although again, a great emergency fix) it’s worth keeping a bag in your kit box, just in case.

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TarrSteps is a Citizen of the World (aka Canadian) currently working with young horses and "problem solving" - for both horse and riders - in the Surrey area. She has dabbled in most horsey disciplines but loves eventing because there is always another question to ask and another answer to find.