How Did I Live Without

How Did I Live Without – Ecogold Saddle Pad

Today’s ‘How Did I Live Without’ comes from reader Julia and is about a product from one of our newest supporters Ecogold

The Ecogold Secure Jumper Pad

Ecogold Saddle pad.

I have the XC Saddle pad & absolutely love it.

The saddle doesn’t slip or move at all & the high-density foam provides a nice cushion. There isn’t any bulk under the saddle flaps.
It’s made of breathable materials which quickly evaporate the moisture away.

After use if horse has got hot I usually just give it a quick wash with the hose, hang it to dry & in the summer it dries quickly. I’ve had mine nearly a year now & it looks as good as new & it’s used 4 or 5 times a week. Not cheap but worth every penny. I ordered mine from Canada as wanted a black one & the only stockist in the UK I could find didn’t have any black ones at the time – didn’t get charged any carriage. Am saving up for the dressage one next.

There aren’t any straps needed to hold it in place – just the ones for the girth to go though – mine has never moved at all in use.

Lovely, lovely saddle pad 🙂

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