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How Did I Live Without… Wembley-Worthy Floodlights

Even Rooney could (probably) score under these!

Even Rooney could (probably) score under these!

I’ve just moved yards. To be fair I’ve also moved counties so a new yard was pretty much compulsory. At my old yard I thought I was fortunate to have floodlights. Competition preparation was never interrupted by being unable to ride in the pre-dawn or post-sunset blackness. If I positioned them correctly in the arc of one of the lights and used brightly coloured poles I could even pop a small fence. The modern age indeed.

However now I’m on my new yard we have floodlights that Wembley would be proud of. Surgeons could operate under them without fear of removing the wrong bit. There are no dark corners. At all. Frankly the light’s better than at midday on most winter days. As a result the horses are doing a lot more jumping, they’re coming along (literally) in leaps and bounds and I’m a lot more enthusiastic about rolling out of bed at 5.30am suffused, as I am, with a new-found love of gridwork. God bless Thomas Edison.

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