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How Did I Live Without: NEW Vent-Tex Leg Wraps

I am paranoid about my horses’ legs being heated up too much when travelling, and having discovered that most racehorses, which are frequently worth a fortune, are travelled with bare legs, I have since almost always done the same with my horses, as the travel boots I used to use always left the legs covered in sweat.

Screen shot 2014-07-23 at 11.30.39However, I do worry that they have no protection in the event of an accident, so was very interested to trial the New Equine Wear Vent-Tex Leg Wraps, which promise to give the best of both worlds: protection without heating. These are made of products which wick all moisture away from the legs.

They are lightweight but feel very good quality. I have used NEW products for years (the lightweight and the aircooled front boots for absolutely yonks and they are still going strong) and know that they are exceptionally durable, so I have no concerns about that. This is a quality product that will have been very well thought-out in aspect of its design.

The wraps are very quick and easy to fit. The velcro is very strong, typical NEW (I believe that they use a higher specification of velcro than the military, which explains why it lasts for so long, unlike some other makes!) They are exactly the right length to protect from knee to coronet band, and did not slip down at all, a huge bonus as SO many designs of wrap and travel boot do slip, driving certain horses crackers and into a kicking and stamping frenzy.

The mare I put them on is not used to wearing travel boots (see above) and very opinionated, and would be the first to stomp and shout about it, but did not move a muscle in these, she was obviously very comfortable. At the end of the journey (when the photo above was taken) they hadn’t moved at all, nor had they sagged away from the legs. They are designed to fit front or back legs, and come in different sizes for a perfect fit.

They’ve now been used quite a few times and look as new. They wash beautifully, the materials are fantastic and the design can’t be faulted. Highly recommended.


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