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How did I live without…..”Bricklayers” Gloves

If the Three Bears needed gloves, I could be their personal shopper! Riding gloves are always too thick or not sturdy enough or too short in the fingers or too wrinkly or just plain wrong, wrong wrong.  Add to that I am extremely hard on my work wear – most destructively, they often get covered in surface from longeing, driving and ground work – plus I’m cheap into the bargain, and you can see why expensive “purpose bred” gloves are not going to do it for me for everyday.

So instead I use various different kinds of “bricklayers” gloves from my trusty DIY store (purveyors of many of my favourite stock “horsey” pieces of equipment). There are think “wet/dry” ones that give you great grip in all weathers, there are woven cotton pimply grip ones that are lovely and cool in summer, and recently I’ve found a thick “winter” variety that are brilliant in the non-stop freezing rain that is our new reality. If you move over to their less businesslike cousins over in the gardening aisle, you can find the same designs but in colours designed to please the more flamboyant amongst us. All for a fraction of what gloves from the saddlery cost. If you are really lucky you might even find a few pairs slumming it in the Pound Shop!

All of which means I can have multiples with me for every occasion and not worry – or suffer for the rest of the day – if I lose a pair.

And while I’m at the DIY store, there are always a few more bits and pieces I can pick up for my Top Secret bridle and longeing rig projects . . .

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TarrSteps is a Citizen of the World (aka Canadian) currently working with young horses and "problem solving" - for both horse and riders - in the Surrey area. She has dabbled in most horsey disciplines but loves eventing because there is always another question to ask and another answer to find.